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Service Coordination

The CRVI Service Coordination Department provides case management to people of all ages. A trained Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) can help plan and broker services that are often difficult to access due to fragmented service delivery systems.

The CRVI Service Coordination Department provides services to people living within the agency’s residences, to individuals living at home with their families, in residences operated by the state or by other agencies, or on their own in the community.

People eligible for services must be at least three years old with a developmental disability, and meet stipulated levels of care requirements. The service provides not only a system of supports, but benefits the individuals and their families by providing them with the opportunity to make informed choices, resulting in a flexible, personalized plan of care that adjusts with an individual’s age and life changes.

The program’s goals emphasize self-determination and choice, empowerment and freedom, integration and productivity through community inclusion.

MSC is a Medicaid State Plan service administered by the NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and is available to people of all ages.  Families can get the guidance and services they need through Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC).

MSC offers case management services to coordinate, plan and facilitate services that are often difficult to access due to fragmented service delivery systems. MSC activities are carried out by an identified and trained service coordinator to assist an individual in gaining access to desired services and needed supports.

CRVI has come to understand that it is often the relationship that a person and their family develop with a service coordinator that influences the quality of the resources a family receives and the usefulness of the supports they are provided with. CRVI provides the opportunity to develop the service coordinator partnership, essential for creating and maintaining a personalized plan designed specifically to the individual.

Service Coordinators work to:

  • Access community services
  • Make current services stronger
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Develop resources when needed
  • Coordinate multiple providers ensuing services are provided as needed
  • Educate families on what they can expect from state and community agencies

MSC is a flexible system designed to grow and develop with the individual. People receiving MSC have the right to elect the MSC provider of their choice, change their MSC service provider or service coordinator at anytime, and direct changes to individualized service plans.