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Community Inclusion Campaign from OPWDD

FYI – OPWDD is announcing a new Community Inclusion Campaign


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

As people who believe that everyone has a place in the community, we can all take an active role in offering our support and friendship to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are spending more time in the same jobs, classes, clubs, and other activities as their peers without disabilities.

That’s why OPWDD is launching the Welcome community inclusion campaign to help “plant the seeds of community inclusion” and encourage communities across the state to welcome people of all abilities. The goal of Welcome is to spread awareness and acceptance by inviting people of all abilities to take part as community members, volunteers and partners.

We need your help to spread the word. People can participate beginning today and throughout the rest of the year by filling out a digital postcard at or by using one of the several toolkit items provided, such as a Facebook or Twitter banner, a window sign, by posting their own Welcome message on social media or by sharing the Welcome video featuring the band “Flame.” Everyone is encouraged to take an active part in welcoming people of all abilities.

For anyone planning a trip to the Syracuse area, visitors to the OPWDD display in the Science and Industry Building at the NYS Fair, which runs from August 25th – September 5, will receive a seed packet to help “plant the seeds of community inclusion” and be encouraged to write a welcome message on a postcard that will be shared on social media and with people living in their community.

Thanks for taking part in the Welcome community inclusion campaign and for “planting the seeds.” A community isn’t a community unless all of its members can take part!


Kerry A. Delaney

Acting Commissioner