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Congratulations to CRVI's Mid Hudson Coalition DSP Excellence in Care Award Nominees

This year we had several exceptional nominations for the Mid-Hudson Coalition DSP Excellence in Care awards. We would be remiss if we didn’t give them all the recognition they deserve as well.

We are proud to recognize these outstanding individuals for their hard work, teamwork and commitment! Congratulations to you all for being recognized and for being nominated.

Roderick (RJ) Stymacks has been employed with the agency just over a year and during this time he has consistently shown a great deal of growth. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him for not only Silverman IRA but for other IRAs he has been placed at. He is supportive of the residents, his co-workers, and management. He has excellent judgement skills and is able to be creative when implementing all of his skills.

Lauren Lavigat is a rock star in the day position. She always makes sure that the individuals have all their needs taken care of whether it is in regards to medical appointments or just in general. She is constantly thinking of things that they can do or asking to organize trips for them. She is always willing to help at the house and willing to be flexible with her schedule.

Lisa Bisognano has taken on a great amount of responsibility these days. Not only stepping up to the plate with the recent passing of her residence manager (which was a huge loss) but also stepping in when another colleague went on family leave. With all the daily tasks to do, Lisa has ensured that the individual’s needs continued without interruption. She is a hard-working, caring person, totally dedicated and committed to the individuals she supports.

Maria Sierra always goes above and beyond for the individuals and the house. She has a rapport with everyone and has a positive energy that shines through in whatever she does and whomever she’s supporting. Maria’s energy resonates with her peers and the individuals alike. She has a respect for the individual’s goals, wishes and ideas and it shows. Kudos to Maria for being an inspiration to us all.

Chris Rivera should be recognized for his outstanding work. His attendance is impeccable, he consistently completes his job responsibilities and always has the best interest of the individuals at heart. Chris is always willing to work extra hours when needed even with little notice. Hats off to Chris for setting a fine example.

Romual Florant is new to the CRVI organization but you wouldn’t know it by the way the individuals and staff gravitate to him. Perhaps it’s his over the top friendly and trusting nature, or maybe it’s his exceptional enthusiastic, motivational spirit and the special way he inspires the staff and the individuals. It is wonderful to see the difference someone can make in another person’s life by just being himself

Alysha Jayne has been a constant in the lives of the men at the house she supports. Alysha has taught the men the importance of expressing their ideas and making sure their lives are happy and healthy. She began in 2010 and has done relief while in school but returned full time as she recognizes the importance of the work we do each day. Alysha works 2 full time jobs as she wants to continue to support the individual’s at CRVI.

Congratulations to all!

Thank you for setting a great example for all of us.