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July 17-21 is National Disability Voter Registration Week: Learn About Exercising YOUR Right to Vote

The week of July 17- 21, 2017 is designated as National Disability Voter Registration week. We are pleased to inform you about several trainings that are being held by Disability Rights New York (DRNY) to help promote voter education and registration among people with disabilities and their families.

OPWDD is committed to ensuring that voting rights are upheld for the people we support and that every person is given the opportunity to register to vote. The trainings being offered by DRNY offer an excellent opportunity for anyone who utilizes OPWDD services, their family members, or people who work in the field to learn about voting rights, registering to vote, and accessible voting.

Th DRNY events are being held across New York State. DRNY has posted a flyer on their website listing the dates of all their scheduled events. Attend a Voter Registration Event Near You.

If you have any questions about the training opportunities listed on the flyer, please contact OPWDD’s statewide Voting Coordinator Michael Orzel at or Disability Rights New York at or 518.432.7861

If you are unable to attend the training session but would like assistance with registering to vote, visit the Voting Rights page on our website and contact your nearest OPWDD Voting Coordinator.

By exercising your right to vote, you can have a say in important policy matters affecting people with developmental disabilities and their families. Make sure your voice is heard.