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Message from Governor Cuomo Regarding Federal Health Care Reform

Here is a Friday, 8/4/17 afternoon press release from Governor Cuomo regarding attempts by our elected officials in Washington, D.C. to reform our health care system. It is a great reminder of why advocacy is so important.

“The reckless health care bill failed in Congress, but the federal government is still trying to decimate our health care system. The agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid released a new rule this week that dramatically changes how the federal government calculates the amount it reimburses our hospitals for the uncompensated care they provide to those in need.

“These changes are designed to penalize New York and other states that expanded their Medicaid programs. Instead of compensating hospitals based on low-income patients served, the rule shifts funding away from states that expanded Medicaid to states that refused to expand coverage. In New York, it will cut $600 million a year from our hospitals when fully phased in and $200 million next year alone. These cuts will wreak havoc on our health care providers, jeopardizing a critical driver of our economy and threatening New Yorkers’ access to care.

“In New York, we believe health care is a right, not a luxury, which is why we expanded coverage to so many New Yorkers who previously were uninsured. I demand that the federal government reconsider this cruel decision, on behalf of the millions of people that this policy will affect.”

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