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OPWDD is Seeking Feedback on the Transition Plan

Please see the letter from Acting Commissioner Delaney:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today we take an important step forward by publishing a draft Transition Plan for public comment which lays out New York State’s plans to better integrate services based on person-centered planning for people with developmental disabilities.

The Transition Plan is a required element to enable people with developmental disabilities to move to New York State’s 1115 Waiver, and for the development of Care Coordination Organization/Health Home Services (CCO/HH). The activities laid out in the Transition Plan have the goal of helping to make our system more flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals and families.

The draft Transition Plan includes details regarding:
Comprehensive Health Home care management for individuals with developmental disabilities, provided by entities called Care Coordination Organizations/Health Homes (CCO/HHs), including the transition to CCO/HH care management
Authorization for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), now provided under the OPWDD Comprehensive 1915(c) Waiver, to New York State’s 1115 Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Waiver; and
Specialized managed care for people with developmental disabilities.

While the Transition Plan includes activities planned for the move to managed care over a five-year period, the full implementation of managed care in our system will depend on the experiences of people served in the earlier phases of the transition period. The Transition Plan will be updated and we will communicate progress with you as we move forward.

The Transition Plan can be found online at:

To help refine the Transition Plan, we are seeking comment from the public from now until January 5, 2018. Comments may be submitted to We ask that stakeholders use the phrase “OPWDD Transition Plan comments” in the e-mail subject line. It is also helpful if comments include the page number and section of the Transition Plan referenced. Thank you for your cooperation.

An upcoming WebEx session, to be announced shortly, will be scheduled to help walk you through the Transition Plan and to assist stakeholders with their review.

Thank you for your continuing advocacy and support.


Kerry A. Delaney

Acting Commissioner