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Joint Organizational Statement with Access: Supports for Living and CRVI

June 1, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

On behalf of the Boards and leadership teams of Access: Supports for Living (Access) and Crystal Run Village, Inc. (CRVI), we are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to provide greater benefits for the clients we support and their families, as well as our employees, and the wider community. The partnership further deepens the roots both organizations have in the mid-Hudson Valley, and our commitment to the people and places where we work.

After careful examination of current and future needs, the agencies are entering into a management agreement where Access will provide operational support to CRVI, capitalizing on the strengths of both organizations during a period of transition for CRVI. From the coronavirus pandemic to the evolving managed care landscape, being responsive, effective and efficient is more important than ever. CRVI recently named Christine Reinhard as its new CEO, and this collaboration will further the missions of both organizations and allow both teams to create a smooth transition. 

By sharing resources, Access and CRVI will have an even more influential voice when it comes to educating the public about issues facing people with developmental disabilities, and to improving their lives and the lives of those closest to them. Access, which warmly welcomes Ms. Reinhard into her new role, will assist in filling key staff vacancies at CRVI while working with its existing staff members. While there will be many opportunities to work together, each organization will retain its own independent Board of Directors and 501(c)(3) status.

Together, Access and CRVI have almost 120 years of experience, and today employ more than 2,200 people, who deliver a broad variety of quality programs and services that improve the lives of the many thousands of individuals and families we support.

This new partnership presents an exciting opportunity for Access and CRVI to be even better aligned while carrying out our important work, as always with the health and well-being of those we support the primary goal.

On behalf of Access and CRVI, we welcome this milestone and look forward to our work together as we continue to be a vital resource to the Hudson Valley.

Ronald J. Colavito                                  Christine Reinhard
Chief Executive Officer                          Chief Executive Officer
Access: Supports for Living                   Crystal Run Village, Inc.



Is this a merger?
No, this is a management agreement under which each organization remains a separate entity, with its own Board and individual 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

Is Access taking over CRVI?

This is a partnership in which Access will be providing CRVI with operational support during this time of transition. What is most important is that Access and CRVI are doing whatever possible to best support those within their care.

Why is this being done?

Both Access and CRVI have remarkable experience and a commitment to caring for those they support. This management agreement creates a partnership that enhances that support, allowing each organization to maintain its identity while aligning missions to ensure they remain vital now and in the future.

What will happen next?

Leadership teams from Access and CRVI will begin to meet to review, prioritize and synthesize the organizations’ work together, all in an effort to further enhance the missions of each organization.

Will there be any more changes?

Access and CRVI are committed to being vital resources in the Hudson Valley. Both organizations are eager to explore how we can work together in the future. Right now, Access is committed to providing operational support to CRVI during this time of transition.

Will this change how my loved one receives support?

No. This partnership is designed to provide greater benefits for the clients we support. In addition, both organizations plan to work together to increase educational resources available to families and throughout the community.

Is OPWDD aware of this partnership?

Yes. Both Access and CRVI have worked closely with OPWDD in the past and continue to do so.

Who should I contact with questions?

Families of those CRVI supports:

Christine Reinhard, Chief Executive Officer, Crystal Run Village, Inc.


Families of those Access supports:

Ronald J. Colavito, Chief Executive Officer, Access: Supports for Living