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Who We Are

New Directions… New Lives

CRVI provides services for empowerment of people with disabilities. Our vision is working “Together, Creating New Directions...New Lives”


At Crystal Run Village, Inc. (CRVI), we are committed to supporting every member of the CRVI community with a life of distinction.  For the people we serve, we will expand their choices through enhanced person-centered planning and more individualized services.  We commit to these greater opportunities for self-determination because we believe in everyone’s fundamental human right and desire for happiness.

We are committed to creating an environment that empowers staff and offers satisfying work, by providing excellent training, support, and the tools they need to succeed.

We are committed to operating our services and supports according to priorities set by the Board of Directors in our Strategic Plan, and by using a Management Plan to guide our organization’s efforts to become person-centered and managed care ready.

Guiding Principles:

To achieve our vision, “Together, Creating New Directions, New Lives,” we believe in:

  • Person-Centered Supports
  • Honest Relationships
  • Positive Environments
  • Respectful Communication

Mission Statement:

CRVI offers the means to the fullest enjoyment of a citizen’s privileges and responsibilities. CRVI provides only those supports and trainings that are consistent with fostering growth, developing independence and maximizing participation in our society.

Vision Statement:

CRVI is committed to providing services for the integration and empowerment of people with disabilities. Our goal is to become the provider of choice for people who need our services and the employer of choice for those who want to work with the people we support.

About Us:

CRVI is dedicated to the principles of empowerment, opportunity, dignity and independence for people with disabilities. The organization employs approximately 750 people; their commitment ensures the individuals in their care of as successful a life as possible through meaningful participation in their communities.

For 60 years, CRVI has served as an independent, non-profit provider of services to over 500 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The agency has a reputation for skilled management, robust program development, exceptional care and long term financial stability.

The strategic emphasis for CRVI is to continue pioneering and expanding the scope of services available for people in the Hudson Valley and Catskill regions through a variety of residential, vocational, skills development, service coordination and case management programs. The new era has been ushered in by an increased focus on the individual and choice. Person-centered management teams will not only work to identify and secure the supports that a person may need, but empower individuals to understand the opportunities available while encouraging them to select their preferences.

The CRVI Board of Directors is made up of family members, professionals, and community and business leaders who volunteer their time, knowledge and experience. They recognize the essentials of an orderly planning process that consistently addresses the needs of all involved. They are committed to putting in place a system that allows for continuous updating and one that is sensitive to the need for progressive change in order to have a healthy organization.