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Community & In Home Services

Community Services

Community Habilitation refers to those services provided to an individual on a one-to-one basis in any non-certified setting. Available to children, teens and adults, these services are available to those who live with their families, on their own, or in an Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA).

The service is Medicaid funded and the individual will need to be enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver. Please contact your Care Coordination Organization (CCO) for more details and assistance in enrolling. Once eligibility is established and approved, we search for a qualified staff member to provide the service. Introductions are made in what we call the meet and greet. It is at this time that the individual and family may ask questions and determine if the staff person is a good fit for them. If so, we proceed to process the staff member through our substantial training regimen. If the individual and family feel it is not a good fit, we continue to search for an appropriate candidate.

Skill acquisition and community involvement are the cornerstone of the habilitation process. Individuals are encouraged to pursue interests, develop and cultivate relationships and fine-tune skills of daily living. Habilitation staff are meant to be more akin to mentors or guides; assisting the individual in navigating the world and exploring personal goals, desires and interests.